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Leadinglight is one of the greatest tattoos studios in Norway, welcome!

About us

Since 1992 we have created some of the most beautiful tattoos in Norway

Shop owner Jørn Rune Knutsen has run his own studio since 1992 and Leading Light since 1996. With a good reputation and high quality, Leading Light now has shops in Drammen, Stavanger, Bergen, Sandnes and Sandvika.

Leading Light Bergen has, thanks to their wide experience within bodyart, produced and developed several price awarded artists. As a professional studio, Leading Light has high leveled artists both within bodyart and tattoo. As of today there are 9 artists working at Leading Light Bergen. Leading Light are members of “Norsk Tattoo Union”.

Leading Light Bergen is also the organizer of Bergen Tattoo Convention.

Interesting Facts

Based on one a avrage year we create 4230 tattoos and have pierced 1792 persons.

Latest photos from the studio

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Contact Us

Strandgaten 73
Bergen, Norway

T: +47 55 55 83 83

M: post@leadinglight-bergen.no